Journalism is Bullshit: What We Should Take to the Metaverse Instead

Good Content is Authentic

Ask any of the millions of coaches out there right now, and they’ll tell you that getting in touch with who you really are is the best content. New social media forms like TikTok, praise the authentic. In fact, they ran their own Nielson study to quantify the success of their more authentic mode of content creation.

  1. Are accepting of themselves and of other people.
  2. Are thoughtful.
  3. Have a non-hostile sense of humor.
  4. Are able to express their emotions freely and clearly.
  5. Are open to learning from their mistakes.
  6. Understand their motivations.

Good Journalism is Unbiased

Right after I welcomed my student into Journalism 101, I’d spit out this “fact”- it’s that core to the teaching of journalism. There’s this feeling in the field that what makes a “good journalist” is digging into the facts and not letting your own feelings or thoughts “get in the way” of good journalism.

This media breakdown is a common thought piece for many journalists. And yet, it’s bullshit. Pretending not to be human isn’t a sustainable way to share content with the world.

Journalism and Authenticity

You’d think that journalism and authenticity would have a lot in common. “Authentic” sounds factual and unbiased and those seem like the values Journalism holds dear. But let’s go back to those core attributes of authenticity and check-in.

Behavior, thoughts, and emotions make up the cognitive triangle. Essentially these are the things our brain is in charge of. Modern media dismisses thoughts entirely and claims they only report facts.
A visualization of the logic behind Media’s unpure motivations. Ultimately money is the reason media is in business. The way they make it is to entertain.

The Future of Journalism

I promised myself I wouldn’t end in doom and gloom. There’s enough nihilism in the world to go around and I don’t mean to add to the dismal outlook for the future.



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