The 4 Key Elements of A Summer Song

Essentially we’re looking for songs that are this photo but musically rendered.


Now knowing my backstory, this probably can’t be too surprising for you. If a song doesn’t work with the windows down, blaring in a car, it’s not a true summer song. Cruisability is a perfect mesh of both “easy to listen to at a loud volume” and “not embarrassing to crank up”.

Having trouble figuring out what cruisability? Listen to this song and you’ll figure it out nearly right away.


Perhaps unlike other songs, we need a summer song to last an entire season which is why replayability is absolutely paramount. In fact, a true summer song, should only begin to be annoying by September.

Gentle Bop

The rhythm of a summer song is another crucial factor. They’re not high octane dance hits and they’re not ballads. They are a comfortable mid-tempo number. Something you could wiggle back and forth to at a backyard barbeque or wave your hand outside your car in the wind on a freeway.


Typically a summer song will have come out in the year or so prior to the summer. However, because nostalgia is trending, that’s not always the case. So especially as you’re starting to figure out what is The Summer Song of 2022, don’t knock out some old familiars. I’m looking at you MGMT’s incessant revival of Electric Feel.



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